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About Yuncheng University

Yuncheng University, in Yuncheng City of Shanxi Province is a comprehensive undergraduate course college with approval by National Ministry of Education. Yuncheng, one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization was called Hedong, or east of the Yellow River in Chinese ancient time.

There are 19,581 full-time college students. It has a staff of 1139 with 864 full-time teachers, among whom there are 40 professors, 187 associate professors, 641 teachers with doctor’s or master’s degrees, 9 doctor’s and master’s tutors, 2 national excellent teachers, and 2 top teachers obtained special government allowance. There are 7 provincial famous teachers, 1 academic leader, 5 outstanding young academic leaders in Shanxi colleges and universities, 2 distinguished experts of “Hundred Talents” in Shanxi Province.  

There are 15 departments, 3 teaching divisions, and 8 scientific research institutions. There are 47 majors covering the subjects of literature, history, art, law, pedagogy, management, science, engineering, agronomy, and economics. There are 2 national specialties, 3 provincial specialties, 2 provincial major subjects, 1 provincial study base of humanities and social sciences, 3 provincial elementary course laboratories, and 2 provincial demonstration centers of experiment teaching.

Yuncheng University covers an area of 2818 mu with 109,563,000 yuan teaching and scientific research instruments, 1,262,900 paper books and 1301 printed journals in the library, 1046GB e-books, 14,136 electronic journals, and 15 Chinese and English databases.

Since 2002, Yuncheng University has been won over 90 awards, 279 projects of scientific research and educational reform above provincial level with 14 National Natural Science Foundation of China in it.

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