Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Yuncheng University & Study in ycu

Admission Guide

1.  Please find the form in the attachment and let the students fill in the form first;

2.  Scan copy of the passport;

3.  Scan copy of the passport picture;

4.  Scan copy of the health certificate;

5.  The insurance of the study period;

6.  Scan copy of the schooling certificates in your university and Chinese translation;

7.  Scan copy of the diploma and Chinese translation;

8.  Scan copy of the Curriculum Vitae, including birth place, educational background, reference’s contact information, working experience(if had), sponsor(name and contact information) and Chinese translation;

 As for education background, please state from primary school to University(period, name of the school, reference, reference’s contact information)

 If he/she had working experience during the school, please state that when, where, reference and reference’s contact information)

 The occupation of his or her family members and contact information

 Scan copy of his or her high school diploma

9.  Original financial statement: foreign students need to deposit 2500 Euro under their name in the bank and ask the bank to issue them a bank slip and certificate of deposit and Chinese translation.

Please translate the documents above into an English one.

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